Accommodation At Rishikul Yogshala In Bali

Accommodation At Rishikul Yogshala

Rishikul Yogshala is a highly respected Yoga Alliance registered school in Bali that offers diverse, healthy food options and comfortable accommodations for teachers and students. We have partnered with reputable organizations to ensure that your needs are met affordably and sustainably throughout your stay. Rest easy knowing that our team is dedicated to making your time at Rishikul Bali as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Just as a healthy body nurtures the soul, a healthy and hygienic environment is essential for our physical well-being. Rishikul Yogshala in Bali is situated in a serene location surrounded by lush green mountains and fields. Our rooms are specifically designed to cater to the needs of our yoga teacher training course students. They are spacious, well-ventilated, and meticulously maintained by our attentive management to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

You will be accommodated in clean rooms during your yoga teacher training course at Rishikul Yogshala in Bali. The Yogshala features a yoga studio, dining area, relaxation zones, a stunning rooftop, and a complimentary Wi-Fi facility. The local market is situated approximately 300 to 400 meters away from the yoga school in Bali. Rishikul Yogshala provides students with both private and shared rooms to suit their needs.

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What Is Include & Not Include In Rishikul Yogshala


  • Clean and well-maintained rooms
  • Comfortable beds and bedding
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • In-room closet and storage space
  • Attached bathroom with modern amenities
  • Three Yogic Meals and Beverages

Not include

  • Travel Expenses
  • Extra stay beyond course dates
  • Laundry Services (available at additional costs)
  • Air Conditioning / Heater (available at extra charges)
  • Medical Insurance
  • Other Personal Expenses

Food At Rishikul Yogshala

Food At Rishikul Yogshala

The food we consume can have a profound impact on both our physical and mental health. As yogis, it's crucial to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet to support our practice. Rishikul Yogshala in Bali offers a Yogic Diet inspired by the principles of Ayurveda - an ancient science of natural healing, rejuvenati on, and energy restoration. This type of diet provides the perfect nourishment for the mind, body, and soul of aspiring yogis. Our Yogic Food is designed to enhance physical flexibility and stamina while also promoting mental awareness of thoughts and breath.

At Rishikul Yogshala, we prioritize the health and well-being of our students by offering nutritious, vegan, and gluten-free meals throughout their yoga teacher training course in Bali. Our students can look forward to enjoying three healthy meals per day, along with herbal tea and snacks.

Note: We believe that a healthy diet plays a crucial role in supporting a yogi's journey toward physical and mental wellness, and we are committed to providing our students with the best possible nourishment during their stay with us.

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Note: Please let us know if there are any additional requirements you need to support you in choosing food and accommodation that nourishes your practice while in Bali. We will try to make the best possible arrangements to accommodate your needs.

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